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SANBORN SHOOTERS is a federally licensed Class-II manufacturer and dealer in fully-automatic and suppressed weapons to qualified individual buyers and law enforcement.

Here are some useful sites on the web for information on specialized weapons and military paraphernalia.


AWC Systems Technology
Suppressors, Custom Pistols and Rifles, Accessories

Red Star Arms
Parts, Accessories, Sights for AK, SKS, 10/22, others

Gun Parts Corporation / Numrich
Enormous list of parts and surplus items for all kinds of weapons, old and new

Dealer- and collector-grade firearms. Comprehensive supply of parts for MGs and conventional guns.

Lomont Precision Bullets
Established, well-respected dealer in destructive devices and machine guns.

Ohio Ordnance Works
Buy, sell and trade cannons, machine guns, ordnance and parts. These are good guys.

Jonathan Arthur Ciener
Innovative manufacturer of caliber-conversion kits and suppressors.

An industry lleader in silencer design and production.

Precision Weapons Corp.
A Class II Manufacturer of Suppressors, AOWs, and Machine Guns.

Mr. 40mm - Randall R. Shivak
Class II Manufacturer specializing in M203/M79 Mil Spec Grenade Launcher receivers and parts.

Fred's M14 Stocks - And More
Stocks, parts and accessories for M14 and M1 rifles, plus books and articles.

Northridge International
Rare original military surplus parts, accessories and equipment for the collector, re-enactor, survivalist and firearms enthusiast.

Manufacturer of firearms and accessories for pistols, shotguns, 37mm flare launchers, Cobray/MAC, Intratec, Uzi and AR-15.

StG Supply
Specializing in HK weapons, parts, and accessories, and Law Enforcement special weapons.

Allegheny Arsenal -
Automatic weapons, parts and accessories for the beginning and advanced collector.

Feather USA
Manufacture of Guns, Rifles and Shooting Accessories, specializing in lightweight, take-down rifles.

Long Mountain Outfitters
Machine Gun related parts, books and apparel.

A wide variety of shooting and military gear.

Lauer Custom Weaponry
Finishing services and products for professional and hobbyist firearm refinishers.

Black Hills Ammunition
New and remanufactured ammunition, including authentic Cowboy Action Shooting replica ammunition.

Beartooth Bullets
Handcast bullets from .22 to .600 Nitro.

MP5 weapons systems for Law Enforcement, HK and AR-15 parts.

Tactical Innovations Inc
Custom accessories, machine guns, suppressors, sten magazine conversions, .22 conversions, parts, misc.

Sound Technology
Silencers and supressed weapons.

Own a Home on the Range - and the Range Itself
in Central Texas

17 acres with house, workshop, and state-protected 50-yard shooting range, near Smithville in gun-friendly central Texas. Perfect for a country home, weekend getaway, or retirement place, where you can shoot whenever you want.


KR Training
Affordable firearms and self-defense courses in Central Texas, including basic gun safety, monthly Texas CHL certification, and advanced level shooting and tactics training for carry-permit holders.


Classified ads, forums on beltguns, NFA and non-NFA weapons, military vehicles.

Resources for submachine-gun enthusiasts, including classified ads, forums, dealer list, chat board, ATF forms, legal and arms-rights information.

Small Arms Review
The print magazine for all aspects of the class 3 interests, focusing on NFA Collectors and historians, NFA leisure and Competition shooters, Military Users, Law Enforcement personnel, and industry people.
Belt-fed fun for 1919 enthusiasts. Information, discussion, resources.

Delphi Military Guns and Ammunition Forum
A free discussion group focusing on military weaponry. Includes aircraft and naval armament as well as land forces.
Many pages of excellent and thorough information on the Vickers Gun and the Bren, including history, development, associated equipment, and even online manuals.
A site for the firearms historian, collector and enthusiast, focusing on historic and unusual firearms on the BATFE's Curios and Relics Firearms list (CRFL).
Market boards and discussion boards for NFA and semi-auto weapons and parts.

Chris' HK P7 Pistol Site
Unofficial but informative fan-site devoted to Dave's fave selbstgeladen schutzenbanger.

American Self Defense Institute
Dedicated to Safety, Self Protection, Education, Training and Legal Assistance for people who realize that they are responsible for their own self-defense.

Internet Shooting Directory
The go-to place for lists of gun-related products, services and sites. Also the home of Gun Chat.

National Association of Shooting Ranges
Has a handy list to find a place to shoot near where you live.


National Rifle Association
The first line of defense for gunowners' rights. Provides legal and technical information, training, publications, safety programs and a huge variety of programs and services. If you're not a member, join.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
The political arm of the National Rifle Association. General NRA membership dues cannot legally be used direct political action. Your support for NRA-ILA is directly translated into influencing legislation at the national, state, and local levels.

Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA)
The Texas chapter of the National Rifle Association fights for Texans' gun rights, and offers other services to Texas shooters.

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
The SAF sponsors educational and legal action programs to promote a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Many resources for the arms rights advocate.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)
A national organization which educates and agitates for Arms Rights issues.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Focuses on the role of citizen disarmament in the repression of Jews and other political minorities worldwide.

Second Amendment Sisters
A women's advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right to self-defense.

The Pink Pistols
A gay arms-rights organization. "Armed gays don't get bashed."

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)
Programs and services oriented toward manufacturers, retailers, and others in the shooting sports industry.

houseNow you can own a home on the (shooting) range
in scenic Central Texas.