SANBORN SHOOTERS is a federally licensed dealer of Title II/Class-III (suppressed and fully automatic) weapons to qualified individual buyers and law enforcement. Contact us.

Sales of legally registered fully automatic and suppressed firearms.
Let Sanborn Shooters order your special weapons and accessories, or call for a consultation concerning the right equipment for your particular needs. Sanborn Shooters sells to qualified individuals and law enforcement.

Expert repairs and restoration of automatic and specialized firearms.
Sanborn Shooters provides skilled repair and restoration for modern and vintage machine-guns and submachine-guns, specializing in older and historic guns such as Lewis, Vickers and Maxim.

Sanborn Shooters has full shop- and range-facilities for the highest quality restoration, testing and evaluation of your automatic weapons.

FFL Addressee for shipping purposes.
Sanborn Shooters provides a secure FFL-holder address for firearms shipments from third parties.

BATF Form 4 Transfer
Sanborn Shooters facilitates
BATF Form-4 Transfers for customers purchasing NFA weapons from outside sources or vendors. All NFA rules apply.

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Now you can buy a home on the range
in scenic Central Texas - and get the (50-yard) Range too.