SANBORN SHOOTERS is a federally licensed Class-II manufacturer and dealer in fully-automatic and suppressed weapons to qualified individual buyers and law enforcement.


The Sissipressor
is Sanborn Shooters .22-caliber integrally mounted sound suppessor. The Sissipressor features retention of inherent .22 LR accuracy out to 100 yards and sound suppression that eliminates the need for ear protection by either operator or observers.

The Design Protocol of the Sissipressor consists of:

  1. Accuracy Retention
  2. Full-auto sustained fire capability.
  3. Inherent ease of disassemly/cleaning/reassembly.
  4. Quality fit and finish.

The Sissipressor is generally available for any .22 LR caliber firearm with a removable barrel

Specifications are adaptable to individual requirements - please inquire.

Custom Manufacture
Sanborn Shooters will custom manufacture specialized weapons and accessories for law enforcement agencies and legally qualified individuals. Contact us with your requirements.

Sanborn Shooters manufactures automatic and suppressed weapons in compliance with all relevant BATF statutory guidelines.

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Now you can buy a Home on the Range
and get the Range too.

  Home, workshop, and 50-yard shooting range on 17 unincorporated acres
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